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Founded in Montreal back in 2010, Undz.org tackles the market of colorful, quality threads - mixing in a youthful and highly coveted approach via limited edition international artist collaborations, and the promise of sustainable business ethics. While world domination lies readily in our cards, we love your input and anticipate your two cents over how we can be better for you. Chin Chin to the future, it's only just begun...

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The potato bag is a perfect mix of our men underwear. Simply select you size and for 99.99$ we will ship a bag of 20 UNDZ to your door.
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Penis protection is now for the masses! What once was the domain of a Pornstars and Rockstars is now available for everyone. Undz wants to give all men the phallic security that they need and deserve, so with each purchase of three or more pairs of UNDZ underwear you’ll receive $50,000 in penis protection.. The penis protection is free and absolutely legit, your member is underwritten professionals...

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