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Undz Core Sebastien Toutant
Undz Core Edition is Undz, sports oriented, comfort and crazy as /%&T underwear collection. The fit is tight and long for good legs protection. We have 2 Core collections; Undz Core and Undz Core Basic. Both at a same price with minor fabric differences.
Undz mens underwear shop
Our Core underwear collection is design oriented. Made with highly visible prints and weird subjects, the Core collection is perfect for the day to day comfort with occasional sports.The Core Edition is made of POLYESTER for crazy long lasting colors and impossible durability.
Undz core models
Undz Core Basic Edition is your day to day, sports oriented, comfort underwear by Undz. Same fit and quality as the Undz Core Edition but made of MODAL for a simple comfort without the crazy prints of the swag oriented CORE collection.
Undz Core Basic 2015
Undz Core Basic 2014
Undz men underwear shop
Undz core basic
Undz core men underwear shop
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Undz men underwear shop