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Undz Manifesto
May 2012

The world just isn’t the same place as where we all grew up anymore (don’t believe us? Explain the Snooki phenomenon).

Industrialization has left our planet polluted, stripped of resources, and in need of a vital change. While recycling, eating organic, and encouraging fair trade is beginning to prevail through mainstream popularity, within the fashion industry; sustainability has yet to become standardized. We understand the restrictions, and we know the challenge limited resources can impose on a creative vision – and yet we’re determined to minimize our carbon footprint sans compromise. Here at Undz, we’ve always been proud fighters- Warriors of righteousness if you will (enter heroic imagery here), advocates of the future in its every
underwear form. It’s time to take the plunge and show you what we’re really gearing up to be made of over the course of our five year eco-promise.

We’ve started the pendulum when it comes to making the switch to 100% certified organic cotton for all our products. According to Earth Pledge (a non-profit organization), “at least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and 25% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton”. Statistics are scary, which is why we vow to lighten toxic percentages through supporting environmentally friendly sources when it comes to our fabrics by 2013.

Transportation leaves a mark of its own when it comes to shipments. Economies can be strengthened through local production, and we’re all for it. While Undz is an ever-growing international organization, our worldly retailers deserve to serve up a slice of their homegrown talent through civic manufacturers, and limited edition artist collaborations. We plan to make it happen with a 10% -20% guarantee for assembly everywhere Undz is sold. As for the artists, we’ve already begun. Compiling a roster of both celebrated and underground shakers who have made our lists (and are sure to tackle yours) from around the globe. The world is our art oyster, and we love highlighting/supporting its different regions!

The people we work with (directly and indirectly) are equally as important to our newfound manifesto, and we’ve reserved a part of our obligation to them. Organic and local mean nothing if the plants and working conditions they come from don’t represent our vision for a better world identically. It is important to us to maintain the highest possible standards and ideology when it comes to worker’s rights, hygiene, health, salary, and protection. These concerns will always be notably obliged when researching new options for the development of our products.

With these changes in effect, not only do we plan on boosting the quality, community, and innovation within our influence; we also hope to extend the impacting reach to everyone who comes across our brand philosophy. If we can shed light for another personal or corporate entity to lean towards cleaner choices, then surely we’ve earned a high five in someone’s books.

I mean really, we don’t mean to toot our own horn or anything, but if you could save the world one pair of super-sexy, awesomely incredible, artistically- funky underwear at a time, why wouldn’t you?!

Undz men underwear shop